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  • Industrial Hemp as a Building Material

    Easy to grow and process, hemp has a number of uses in building, including: Particleboard/Chipboard Particleboard based on hemp mixed with...

    HempHemp & Co.18/11/2019
  • Chicken Farmer Ditches Meat Trade to Grow Hemp

    A West Virginia based chicken farmer switched to plant agriculture after exposing the rigged tortuous system of the poultry industry. Poultry...

    HempHemp & Co.18/11/2019
  • The Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds

    They say good things come in small packages… Whole hemp seeds contain on average 34% Carbohydrates, 31% Fat, and 23% Protein....

    HempHemp & Co.13/11/2019
  • Hemp Toilet Paper Could Change The World

    Americans use an average of 50 pounds of toilet paper, per person, each year. This accounts for millions of trees being...

    AnxietyHemp & Co.11/11/2019

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